Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Shiloh's Cheesy Grin for Earthborn Holistic Cheese Flavored EarthBites #ChewyInfluencer

Shiloh is always ready to work when a box from arrives with something for him to try out.  With this new box came a bag of Earthborn Holistic EarthBites Cheese Flavor Natural Moist Treats.


Given the bright beautiful, and slightly hot day we were having, I tried to convince Shiloh to go into the front yard with me and take some pictures among the California Poppies that have taken over.  He was having none of that and just looked at me from under the shaded driveway until I came to my senses and moved into the shade with him.

Once I moved into the shade with the treats, Shiloh was ready to get to work.  Of course the first thing he did was sniff around the open bag, and promptly started drooling.   I took this as a good sign that he liked the scent of the treat.  It took a minute to pull his attention away from the bag to the treats that I already had in my hand, but one he caught on that it was taste time, he quickly sat and threw his paw up to "shake" for his reward.

I liked the small shape of the treats so that I can dole them out randomly through the day as Shiloh protects the house from airplanes, birds, and even the squirrel across the street that must be planning bodily harm to us, given the way Shiloh zones in on him as he does his squirrel stuff.  Earthborn Holistic EarthBites are a meaty, grain free treat that is loaded with antioxidants, and from the way Shiloh kept begging for more, taste great.

My husband eventually ended up snagged the bag and leaving it in the car for when he comes home.  He takes a couple treats and throws them into the back yard to keep Shiloh occupied while he closes the gate and drives up the driveway to park the car.  We had a few near misses with Shiloh running into the side of the car as he dashes from behind the house across the driveway, and he is not even trying to chase the car, just doing his crazy "DADDY'S HOME!" running around.

Earthborn Holistic EarthBites are available in the following varieties:
Cheese Flavor
Skin & Coat
Hip & Joint
Peanut Flavor
Lamb Meal Recipe
Chicken Meal Recipe

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