Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Haggis Chows Down on Wellness Kittles Chicken & Cranberries Treats #ChewyInfluencer

Haggis and Sherbert love getting a box from Chewy.com, and this time around they received a bag of Wellness Kittles Grain-Free Chicken & Cranberries Crunchy Cat Treats to try out.  Haggis heard the bag crinkle, and came as fast as his little old bones could move him.  

Because Haggis is getting up at an age where he goes not eat as much, we have been mixing treats into his regular food.  This seems to stimulate his appetite and he has been eating a little bit more than before.  With the Wellness Kittles, Haggis went beyond just eating, to chowing down on his food.  He was purring and snorting and chasing the kibble around the food dish.

Sherbert took a little bit more convincing to come across the living room to check out the treats.  I had to toss a treat over to him, and once he decided he wanted more, it was a slow mosey on over to check out the bag and to headbutt me a few times for more treats.  With Sherbert being a big boy, we usually throw a treat to land a little bit in front of him so he has to get up and move.

Wellness Kittles are a crunchy, 100%  natural, grain free treat with the first ingredient in the Chicken & Cranberries being deboned chicken, and I actually knew all the other ingredients like chickpeas and green tea extract.  Haggis is pushing 16 years old and had no problems breaking the kibble with his teeth to chow down on them when mixed in with his food.  We have to lead him to eat his food by giving him a couple treats, and then showing him that we put some in his food bowl, and mix it in with his regular food.

Available in the following varieties :
Chicken & Cranberries
Tuna & Cranberrries
Salmon & Cranberries
Duck & Cranberries
Turkey & Cranberries
Whitefish & Cranberries

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