Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sherbert Digs Buddy Biscuits from #ChewyInfluencer

It is no secret that Haggis loves his treats, but when something catches Sherbert's attention like the Savory Turkey & Cheddar Buddy Biscuits that sent for the cats to check out, I take notice as well.
Despite his big boy size, Sherbert is not all that into treats like Haggis is.  When he hears a treat bag rattle, he will come out and sit on haunches while silently plotting my demise thinking that Haggis is my favorite as I toss treats around for Haggis to pounce on.  Every now and then, while Haggis is busy hunting down a far flung treat, I will throw a treat at Sherbert's feet.  Usually he just sniffs the treat, looks at me with indifference, and walks away, leaving the treat for Haggis to find.

With the Buddy Biscuits, Sherbert took a sniff and then actually ate the treat.  I was a little surprised, but waited a bit then threw out a treat a couple feet away from him, while holding onto Haggis to stop him from immediately swiping the treat away.  After some sniffing and head bobbing, Sherbert took the few steps necessary to go get his treat and ate it.  Just to see how much effort he would bother putting into getting a treat, I sat across the room from him and held out a treat in my hand, while Haggis squirmed under my arm to break free and snag it for himself.  Eventually Sherbert sauntered over and took the treat from me, so I know I can use them as a reward after a barely tolerated human initiated cuddle party.

Buddy Biscuits are made in the USA, grain free, and the first ingredient in the Turkey & Cheddar is Turkey.  The threats are small enough that I feel comfortable giving out more than one at a time to the cats, go not feel greasy, and do not have an super strong aroma to them.

Available Cat varieties:
Savory Turkey & Cheddar
Tender Chicken
Tempting Tuna

CLICK HERE to check out flavors available for dogs.

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