Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter Takes Care of Business #ChewyInfluencer

Sometimes I pick what Shiloh, Haggis, and Sherbert review from, and then there are the times that it is a surprise.  This time around, it was a surprise!  The biggest surprise was the weight of the box when I reached across the fence to take the package from the delivery guy, all 40 pounds of it.
This time around Haggis and Sherbert received a bag of Frisco Multi-Cat Clumping Cat Litter.  I may have been a little more excited that the cats about this review.  Unlike the times when they received treats, food, and even toys, they did not bother checking out the bag that held the litter, so sorry, not a whole lot of cats and pictures for this, and since I do not particularly like looking at the cat box after it has been used, I'll spare you pictures of said cat box in action.

I have a single monster sized cat box for both my cats, so I was able to place the entire 40 pound bag of litter in the box at once.  I was pleased and the lack of dust that poofed up when I added the entire bag of litter.  It was not too long before Sherbert was sniffing around the cat box.  He seems to make a run for the box right after it has been cleaned up.  I figured since Sherbert hopped right in and did his business, that was a sign that the litter felt familiar and did not hurt his feet.  Odor control is good, and I had one cat that seems to be extra stinky and never covers up his business.  I did not notice an increase of litter tracked outside of the box, but I have some really messy cats, and Haggis is very enthusiastic when covering his business and gets litter everywhere.  Scooping out clumps is a breeze as the litter clumps and dries as necessary, and stayed in large clumps that made it easy to scoop.

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