Thursday, January 5, 2017

Enjoying Meals Time Again with Halo Mix'n Mores #ChewyInfluencer

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Haggis and Sherbert were so excited when sent them a bag of Halo Mix'n Mores Freeze-Dried Salmon & Turkey Cat Food Topper to check out.  A while back poor Sherbert was not feeling well and turned into a demon kitty.  While he was by no means a lap cat, he was a cat we could play around with and pet him without being hissed at, and after a quick trip the the vet, we found out that he had crystals in his bladder, and thankfully a change in cat food was the solution to his problems.

Unfortunately his new food (which he shares with Haggis) was apparently not as appetizing, and both kitties have not been too excited about meal times.  We have an automatic feeder, and have been mixing in treats here and there with the food after it is dispensed to help entice them to eat, but if we forget, Sherbert starts to sing us the song of his people at us as a reminder.  Halo Mix'n Mores is a grain free, freeze dried cat food topper that can be added to dry kibble or wet food.  The salmon and turkey formula has a pretty good aroma to it, and after pulling Haggis out of the bag, I mixed some of it with the food hoping that the smell would transfer to the kibble and the cats would enjoy their meal times more.

The next feeding was not for a few hours, but after the kibble dropped I looked over and saw Sherbert chowing down on his cat food.  I watched Haggis and Sherbert for a few days, and they both seemed to be more excited and headed over to the feeder when they heard food drop, instead of just randomly walking over to see if I happened to mix in some treats with their food. 

The Mix'n Mores have not interfered with the auto feeder and Haggis and Sherbert seem to be enjoying mealtime again.  When I refill the food hopper, they both hear me opening the bag up to mix in the food topper and they will both come running.  We have also used Halo Mix'n Mores as a just because treat that both the kitties love.

Also Available in Cage-Free Chicken flavor

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