Saturday, December 24, 2016

3DLightFX Thor Hammer Night Light

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My daughter let out an ear piercing squeal when she opened up a box sent to her from 3DLightFX and saw  the Thor Hammer wall light inside.  Between school and work my daughter was hardly ever home, but she wanted to be the one to put it on her wall, so after several days we were finally able to get the light up.


The first thing my daughter had to do was figure out where she wanted to install the light and wiped the wall down with a damp cloth.  Because it is battery operated, we did not have to worry about being close to an electrical socket.  It is also very light weight, so we did not not need to worry about finding a stud to mount the light.

My daughter positioned the sticker on the wall and used a gift card to rub and transfer the crack sticker from the transfer tape to the wall, while slowly peeling back the transfer tape making sure the sticker was firmly on the wall before removing the transfer tape completely.  The screws were easy to install as the sticker has the two points marked on it.  We decided not to use the wall mounts and I was able to just use a screwdriver and muscle the screws through the sheet rock.  Once the screws were in place it was just a matter of lining up the holes on the back of the light for a quick and easy install.


We did have to do a little bit of fine tuning with how far the screws stuck out from the wall.  Our first attempt the light was a little bit loose, and not flush to the wall.  I adjusted the screws so they were further into the wall, and with the second attempt the hammer was flush against the wall, and not wobbly when my daughter went to turn the light on and off.


Even in the middle of the day it is very noticeable when the light is on, but it really glows at night.  My daughter fell asleep with the light on all night, and even in the morning, the hammer was still cool to the touch.  The light is a soft glow and just lit up the area immediately around the hammer, but not bright enough to disturb my daughter while she was sleeping.

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