Thursday, September 8, 2016

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Written By:  Bobbie

I will admit that I love having a variety of headphones around the house (mainly because they tend to disappear into the teens room), and was thrilled when Jabra sent me a Halo Smart Wireless Headphone to try out.


When I opened the box I liked how sleek the headphones looked.  All the accessories are tucked in behind the headphones, including a charging cord, instructions, and even different sized earbud covers to find that perfect fit.


After a looking over the headphones for a moment I quickly looked over the box and read through the instructions and checked out some of the features.  What really caught my eye was 17 hours of talk time.  While I am not a huge talker on the phone, I do listen to a lot of music when my college daughter is busy with homework.  

The earbuds are magnetic and can be clasp to the main neckband, or together with each other to keep them out of the way when not in use.  I found this pretty handy while in the car while listening to music with only one ear bud in, I hate getting tangled up in cords when I'm driving.  I found the power, volume, and voice controls to be easy to use.


The first time I was able to use the headphones for a phone call I was busily rushing out the door as a friend called and grabbed them because they were the first set that I saw on my way out the door.  While I was headed to the car I threw the headphones on, shoved an earbud in my ear, and switch it on, all while holding my phone to my head.  The switch over to the headset was seamless and my friend did not even notice the change over.  With the summer heat, I had the AC blasting in the car, and before I hung up I asked her what she thought of the call quality.  She said there was no tinny or wind tunnel sound, and that the call was clear the entire time  She had no idea I was even one a wireless headset.  I did accidentally discover that placing a single earbud onto the neckband while taking to someone will end the call.  I know I read that in the directions, but forgot with everything I had going on.


Overall the Jabra Halo Sport is incredibly comfortable to wear.  I find the earbuds do not hurt my ears even after and extended period of use, the neckband  is very lightweight, and the incoming call notification vibrations is not jarring or startling.  I love the crisp surround sound quality when I am listening to music or watching a movie.  Charging is pretty quick and it is easy to tell when the Jabra is fully charge because the light turns from red to green.

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Jabra Halo Smart Wireless Bluetooth Stereo Headphones

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