Thursday, July 28, 2016

Sightseeing in Orange Country With a 2016 Mazda6 #DriveMazda

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Written By:  Bobbie

I loved having the opportunity to checkout out a 2016 Mazda6 while I was on vacation down in Orange County.  While my husband was away during the day on business, my daughter and I went darting around the area hitting amusement parks, area attractions, and even managed to spend a few evenings together as a family enjoying dinner.

I have always had an affinity for Mazda as that was the first car that I bought on my own way back in 2001, and I had a couple of used ones before that.  I have to say the car, and technology have come a long way.  When we picked up the car, my daughter slid into the back seat and was amazed that she had leg room.  Comfortable leg room at that.  Pretty impressive given she's 5'9 and all legs.  She huffed for a minute trying to find a cup holder in back, then I told her to flip down the middle arm rest.  Happy kiddo!

Once we settled into the car it was time to play with the navigation system.  It was pretty easy to figure out (I do not have built in navigation in my cars at home) and we were quickly on our way to the hotel.  

The system is both touch screen and able to be controlled by a dial in the middle console.  Over the time we had the car I decided I liked the touch screen, while my daughter preferred the dial control.  The navigation system did a great job getting us around to shopping areas, amusement parks, and of course always back to the hotel.  There were a couple of nights that we used the navigation system to dinner for us.

The heads up display was pretty cool while driving.  I set it up to show my speed and next exit.  The display is customizable, and it was easy to adjust the display to where I could see it while driving.  I did not find it at all distracting, even at night when the display was brighter.  For creature comforts the car does have heated from seats, which we did not bother using as it is summer, but we did give the dual temperature control a work out.  I am always running on the hot side, so I wanted an arctic blast on me at all times.  My husband and daughter opted for non arctic cooling, and the few times my daughter was in back, she was comfortable with the air flow.

Another cool feature I liked was the blind spot warning on the side mirrors.  There is also an audible sound when you turn on your blinker to change lanes and there is a car in the blind spot area.  This came in handy a few times for me with defensive driving, on more than one occasion a car behind me would cut across multiple lanes on the freeway without a blinker on.  

I love the back up camera and all the beeps that happen when there is something behind you.  I used this feature several times while backing into parking spaces at parking garages.  The camera automatically turns on when the car is in reverse, and the display is a huge help with backing into parking stalls.  I just had to line up the grid with the parking stall lines, and was perfectly parked every time.

Some times it is the littlest things that make a huge difference.  In this case it was the steering wheel.  While I did not take time to link up my phone, and learn all the control buttons on the steering wheel (and my daughter was more than happy to play with the car systems while we were driving around), I did notice a bulge in the steering wheel just above the center.  It seems like such a slight thing, but it made for a more comfortable grip during a couple of the longer rides in the car.

Keeping my phone charged during the day was a snap with the built in USB charger.  I had forgotten to bring my car charger, but I did not even need it as I just grabbed my charging cord and was good to go after a day of using my phone to take pictures all over the place.  My phone fit nicely into the center console, and one time it was out of sight out of mind and I had to run down to the car from the hotel room to get my phone.

While all the technology and creature comforts in the car was cool, what truly impressed me was the trunk space.  The last day of vacation I offered two of my husbands co-workers a ride with me to the airport.  The trunk was able to accommodate three large check-in sized suitcases, a carry on suitcase, my backpack and a small bag.  The front of the car held 4 adults (my husband came home on a later flight after work) along with another carry on suitcase in the back seat, all of our purses, and we were all comfortable and had plenty of room to move around.

Even fully loaded with luggage and people the Mazda6 had awesome acceleration to get up to freeway speeds, and was still responsive with turns and curves.  Overall the entire family loved the car and I have to laugh because my daughter found the Radio Disney station, and refused to change it the entire trip.  My husband was impressed with how smooth the ride was, along with how quiet the interior was during the trip.

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