Thursday, July 14, 2016

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Written By:  Bobbie

I happen to live in Sacramento, so going to the California State Fair has been a family tradition since I was still living with my mom.  This year was no exception, and even with the 90+ temps out there, we packed it up and headed over.


Before we even made it to security, we saw stilt walkers out front, and I of course asked for a pic, which they were more than happy to pose for.  My daughter loves the outfit of the gal in white.  A quick note about the security checkpoint, you are allowed to take in your own food and water, just be ready to have all the pockets of your bags open so security and check it out.  There are also metal detectors that you will need to go though before you purchase tickets or enter the fair.  Parking at Cal Expo is $10.00.  Bring cash for that.


Once inside we decided to walk around checking out all the outside exhibits before it became to hot.  We did skip the carnival rides as that is not something we were there for, but as an FYI there are two carnival areas, one for the bigger kiddos, and one for the smaller ones.  Of course there is a huge variety of food and drinks through out the fair grounds.  We did grab some chicken nuggets and fries to stave off the hunger until we left the fair for the evening.  If you bring your own water bottle, there are plenty of water fountains to fill them up.


It is not a fair without a live stock area.  We wandered around checking out the cows and the goats.  Keep your eyes open for some free shows through out the fair grounds.  We caught part of a cute pirate act, as well as some amazing dance demonstrations during the day.


Once it warmed up it was time to head inside and check out some exhibits.  My daughter was able to get hands on with an air cannon and knocked over some plastic cups.  There are several different exhibit rooms, and it's always fun to see what new things are shown.


I got a kick out of the CALIFORNIA ON THE MOVE: AIR, LAND AND SEA exhibit.  The family wagon section just cracked me up going from a covered wagon to a station wagon.  The more things change, the more things stay the same.


My daughter and I love the arts and crafts exhibits.  We were constantly looking at each other and accusing the other of needing to step up thier game.

The one thing that was noticeably missing this year was in the Fur & Feathers exhibit.  While we saw plenty of feathers, there was no fur.  There may have been a sign hanging up explaining the absence (one year there were no birds due to avian flu), but honestly by that point of the day I was dead tired and did not look around too hard.  I did find this chicken to be fluffy enough to pass as fur.  Or not.  I tried.

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