Monday, July 18, 2016

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Written By:  Bobbie

While on vacation hubby and I randomly picked Opus for dinner off the navigation system in the car.  I'll admit that I had no intentions of doing a review at the time and did not grab my camera when we left the hotel room.  At that point I was just a tired vacationer that wanted food, hubby wanted pasta, and my daughter just wanted to sleep.

When we walked in we were pleasantly surprised to see cloth table coverings.  Our server promptly greeted and seated us in a comfortable booth.  We took a bit to look over the menu and enjoyed some rolls while we waited for dinner.  The restaurant is low light lit, which I felt was perfect after a day of fun in the sun.  My husband ordered some coffee, and kept commenting on how fresh and good it was.  Before long our appetizer of  Zucchini Fritti was served along with some more fresh out of the oven rolls.  My daughter still fights me about eating vegetables, so I gave her the smallest zucchini on the plate. After a tentative bite, she was happily munching away on more pieces, and then asked if she could have the last one.  It can be a bit of a battle to get her to eat zucchini at home, so that was a major win.

Not long after dinner arrived, and each dish was huge.  My daughter had a classic dish of penne pasta with alfredo sauce.  She happily dug in, and I snuck a couple of bites.  Her food was simple and delicious.  Hubby had helping of lasagna and polished off the plate to the point of using one of the rolls to clear his plate of all the meat sauce.  I had the Cannelloni, spinach crepes stuffed with creamy chicken & mushroom with alfredo sauce.  The pictures do not do the food justice.  Our table was lit by a beautiful overhead yellow lamp, which is great for ambiance, and murder for pictures.

We all enjoyed our dining experience at Opus and will keep this restaurant in mind if we are in the area again.

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