Thursday, June 30, 2016

Shiloh Asks for Blue Buffalo Wilderness Denali Biscuits #ChewyInfluencer

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Written By:  Bobbie

Shiloh just loves it when he has to work. sent him a bag of Blue Buffalo Wilderness Denali Biscuit to try.  Just looking at his fluffy face you can see how excited he is to try out this grain free dog treat.  What you don't see is the drool that started up as soon as we ripped the bag open for him.

Shiloh is a 65 lb. free roaming dog in our fenced yard, but we still have taught him some basic commands, and we reinforce those commands on a regular basis, and always give a treat as a reward.  My younger daughter took it upon herself to teach him  "Paw", and now he throws that paw up right away when he sees a treat bag, even before we say anything.  Another one we work on a lot is "Sit".  This one is not as easy for him because he gets so excited about his treats that it takes a bit of repeating before he gets around to sitting.  The Blue Buffalo Wilderness Denali biscuits are a baked crunchy  treat and a perfect size for him for a reward.  I think the paw print on each biscuit is incredibly cute, and they are not too greasy or have an overpowering scent to them while waiting for Shiloh to follow his command.

We only give Shiloh one or two treats a day, and he has not had any tummy troubles with them.  The treats do not have any wheat, corn or soy in them, and are free of artificial preservatives, colors and flavors.  You can check out more varieties from the Blue Buffalo Wilderness line by CLICKING HERE

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