Sunday, June 12, 2016

Road Trip Ready with Sound Intone MS200 #Headphones

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Written By:  Bobbie

My family loves to take road trips.  They can be short day trips, weekend trip, or even longer, but one that that keeps the entire family sane is the ability for everyone in the car to listen to their own stuff.  Just in time for this years summer road trip I was sent a Sound Intone Ms200 Stereo Headset to check out.  

So far we have just been using them around the house since the road trip is not for a few more weeks, but my daughter and I are both pretty impressed with this corded  headset.  Right off the bat, I like the bright colors.  My daughter should be able to find them easily in the back of the SUV, even at night.  

The headset is adjustable but both my daughter and I are able to use the headset at it's smallest setting.  The ear pads are comfortable even for an extended period of time and sit on top of our ears.  I like that the the ear pads have a swivel to them, to help keep them comfortable.  The headphones block out enough outside noise that my daughter complained that she could not hear me when I was calling her.  I like that I was able to watch a movie, or listen to music while in the living room and hubby was watching sports on the TV.  While I could still hear a hockey game in the background, I was able hear all the background noises of the movie I was watching.  I like that the headset is marked L and R and I was able to hear sound move from one side to the other, in sync with the movie giving a great surround sound quality.

The bass is pretty good and I did not notice any kind of tin can sound.  While the headset can be folded up for storage, I think we will just keep them in the SUV just hooked through a headrest.  I like that it it is a straight plug in and braided so we don't have to worry about carrying around batteries or chargers for infrared or bluetooth devices, since everything we own does have a headphone jack.  I did initially hear a bit of static on my computer, but after I hit the jack with some compressed air, I was back in business with crystal clear sound.  I had no problems with static on any of my other devices, so I must have had some dust on my laptop headphone jack.

The cord is braided and pretty hard to get tangled up, and has what looks to be a bit of reinforcement right at the connection point of the wires to the jack.  It is also a good length that my daughter is able to kick back in the SUV and watch or play whatever she wants on the entertainment center in comfort.

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