Friday, March 18, 2016

Freshening Up the Home With Renuzit Sensitive Scents #SensitiveScents #Giveaway

The Renuzit brand provided me with samples of Renuzit Sensitive Scents in exchange for a product review.  However, all opinions expressed here are my own.

Written By:  Bobbie

Renuzit sent me a box of their new line Sensitive Scents to review, as well as a few coupons to give away.  Perfect timing with the weather still not warm enough to open up the windows and air everything out, so the house is a bit stuffy.  Renuzit Sensitive Scents are designed to perform without overpowering and come in White Pear and Lavender, Pure Ocean Breeze, and Pure Water Blossom and Cucumber.  Each scent is also available in the form of an adjustable cone, universal scented oils, and a trigger spray.

I grabbed the plug in and headed to the master bathroom.  It has one wall socket that is right next to the door to my bedroom I figured I'd get some nice scent in both rooms at the same time.  


The Renuzit plug in can be adjusted in case you have a socket that was installed sideways.  The universal scented oil bottle is easy to install, and the refills will even work in other warmers by other companies.  There is no way to adjust the strength of the scent, but it gives great soft scent to the bathroom and the bedroom and I am still able to sleep at night.

The Pure Water Blossom & Cucumber adjustable scent cone works great in the guest bathroom.  The bathroom does not have a window, and the fan is only on when the light is on.  The door is always closed since having the door open will block the hallway, so there is hardly any air flow in there.  I set the cone topper down low since the bathroom is pretty small, and the cone easily gave a fresh fragrance to the bathroom, but it was not so strong as to give me a headache when I go in there.

The Renuzit trigger spray has been great for random smells around the house.  Between the cats not reading the instruction on the kitty litter to bury their mess, or I've had a hay day in the kitchen with the garlic and onion, the trigger spray has done a great job of eliminating random odors without leaving an overpowering scent.  Pure White Pear & Lavender deodorizing spray is a lot more mellow than I expected, and hubby has not complained about the scent, and he does not like lavender.

How You Can Win:
Renuzit was kind enough to send along a some free product coupons to giveaway to some lucky readers.  The only mandatory entry is to leave a comment on this blog post letting my know why you want to try Renuzit Sensitive Scents or what your favorite Renuzit product, or scent is.  You can do this daily for more entries.  After you leave a comment simply fill out the give away form below and check out some additional way to earn more entries. 

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