Monday, March 28, 2016

Feline Greenies Dental Treats Created a Treat Monster #review

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Written By:  Bobbie

Haggis heard a bag crinkle and immediately had to investigate.  Lucky for him it was a bag of Greenies Feline Savory Salmon Flavor Dental Cat Treats that was sent from for him to check out.  Haggis loves his treats, and has become a down right pest when it comes to begging for these.


The Greenies Dental treats have a bit of a funky shape to them, and are small enough that several can be given per day.  The treats are a crunchy biscuit that Haggis just loves to sink his teeth into and do not have a strong odor to them.  Haggis does get a pretty good case of cat breath when he gets wet food, and Greenies dental treats are designed to help clean cat's teeth by wiping away tartar buildup.  

Never one to be worried about his weight, Haggis had taken his begging up a notch with these treats.  He will sit on the floor and meow yell at me until I toss out a few for him to find, and them comes back and starts meowing for more.  I have to be sure to put the treats up in a secure place because he has already knocked them of the desk in an attempt to get to the treats inside the bag.  My other cat Sherbert likes them as well, and will lazily move towards a treat thrown at him, and once in a while gets to it before Haggis does.  I usually have to hold onto Haggis until Sherbert eats his treat, and Haggis is a squirmer who does not like to be held.

Feline Greenies Dental Treats also come in these additional flavors:
Oven Roasted Chicken
Ocean Fish
Tempting Tuna and more

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