Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Finest Hours Movie Review #TheFinestHours

I received a complimentary screening in exchange for for an honest review, however all opinions are my own.

Written By:  Bobbie

I can not begin to explain how excited I was when my family was given a chance to see an advance screening of Disney's The Finest Hours.  I had caught a movie trailer on TV, and even hubby said that it looked interesting.  Unfortunately he was unable to go because of work, but I rounded up my mom and daughter and headed out to a much anticipated girls night out.

The movie started out at a bit of a slow pace as they developed the characters and gave hints to a back story that became more clear as the movie played out.  My daughter leaned over at one point and asked what was up with the accents.  I told her it was a North Eastern accent and she went with it.  Being from California I have no idea if it was accurate or not, but after a while I noticed the accents less and became engrossed in the story line.

Watching the story unfold with this Coast Guard Rescue film was an emotional roller coaster.  During the movie my daughter camped onto my hand during the more intense scenes, and I ever heard a sniffle our two out of her during one of the sadder scenes.  Despite the drama unfolding, there was perfectly timed humor that gave us a change to breath, and for me to get blood circulation back into my hand.

We all felt that the acting was fantastic and after a while I no longer saw Chris Pine the actor, I only saw Bernie Webber.  Holliday Grainger did a fantastic job as Miriam Pentinen, and we loved how strong willed she was during the movie.  We saw the movie in 3D, and I liked how it was a realistic 3D.  My daughter said the colors seems a little dull, but this is not something I noticed as I was too busy watching the action unfurl.  My mom stated that she liked how wholesome the people were, both on the SS Pendleton, the town folks, and the Coast Guard Crew.  The courage of the crew members on the SS Pendleton and the Coast Guard crew was incredible.  We all enjoyed the movie, and I'm looking forward to purchasing this as soon it is out.

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