Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Make Your Own Potion in a Stupefy Duo Shot Glass #MakeEmLaugh

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Written By:  Bobbie

If you are looking for a cute and nifty shot glass for a Harry Potter fan, then look no further.  This inspired shot glass that I was sent reads Stupefy Duo, and the lettering just has that 'magical' feel to it.

The shot glass is well made and has some heft to it.  The glass is thick and does not seem easily breakable. The black lettering is very noticeable while empty or filled with some spirits. The lettering is attached securely to the glass, I scratched at it with my nail and it did not scratch off or lift off. I use it as a sipper for stronger drinks as I'm not much of a shot drinker.  While it is dishwasher safe, I find it is small enough that it's just easier to quickly hand wash.

For my sipping drink I just let a maraschino cherry soak in some amaretto for a few hours.  It made for a nice liquid dessert after dinner.  The shot glass hold two ounces, which is more than most of the little souvenir ones I pick up while traveling around.

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