Friday, December 25, 2015

When Christmas Is Not On Christmas

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Written By:  Bobbie

Christmas in my house has always been a moving target with my girls going to spend time with their dad every year.  Sometimes I have them on Christmas, sometimes I do not.  This year has taken a step further with my older daughter joining the Navy.  She is not home for Christmas, nor is she even at her dads.  She recently switched duty stations down in Florida (we are in CA) and is spending Christmas in a brand new area, and I hope making new friends fast.

She was able to make some last minute travel arrangement between duty station moves and was able to come home for the first couple of weeks in December, and it was all the ultimate last minute planning.  She received her official orders on a Wednesday, travel plans made on Thursday, Friday was her graduation from school, pack up every single thing she owned from her room and run to the airport to come home.  I got a call on that Thursday night asking if I could pick her up from the airport the very next night.  Of course my answer was yes, and once again we had a Christmas that was not on Christmas.  It was not a full on feast filled paper shredding kind of Christmas.  But we had good food, fun times, and spent time together as a family.  Of course it was all over far too soon and she left back to her duty station.

Today on Christmas, it is just my hubby and myself at home.  While we are going to go spend the evening with his family for good food and good company, my own little paper shredding Christmas at home will not be for a couple more days when my younger daughter returns from her dads.  Each one of these Christmas moments will hold a special place in my heart with the years to come, and I know as my younger daughter eventually takes leave of the nest, Christmas will be even more of a moving target, but the memories are always filed under Christmas, no matter what day it happens on.

From My Family to Yours ~ Merry Christmas

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