Monday, December 21, 2015

Non-Stick Made Easy with COOKINA Reusable Baking Sheets #Cookina

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Written By:  Bobbie

I love baking, but my cookie sheets have seen better days, so I have been using a ton of parchment paper and aluminum foil to line my cookie sheets.  Those days are over thanks to COOKINA sending me a couple of their festive holiday colored reusable baking sheets.

Each reusable cookie sheet is 15.75 in x 23.62 in, and can be cut down to size to fit inside your cookie sheet.  I took a quick measurement of my little beat up cookie sheet (the thing is like 20 years old) and marked out how wide I needed it as it was already the perfect length.  I just folded over the reusable baking sheet to give me a guide to cut across and had at it with a pair of scissors.  Side Note:  do not fold your baking sheet for storage.  I only folded it to give me a guide line for cutting.

The COOKINA Reusable Baking Sheet was easy to cut, and I just did some quickly eyeballed notches at the corners to deal with the rounded edges of my cookie sheet.  A quick wash with some soapy water and a dry off with the towel and I was ready to start testing out my non stick baking sheet.


COOKINA Baking sheet is certified safe up to 550 degrees in the oven and does not contain any PFOA.   For my first test run I stuffed some croissants with some cheesy chicken mixture I had thrown together and since the baking sheet is non stick, I did not bother with any butter or cooking spray.  The baking sheet worked so well my stuffed croissants just slid right off.  The bottoms of the croissants were a nice golden brown and crispy.  The only places that has any sticking issues were the edges of my cookie sheet where the cheese had bubbled out.

Clean up was easy as I just quickly soaked it with some warm soapy water and the soft side of my sponge and the little crumbs that were left just came right off.  Easy rinse off and a towel dry and my COOKINA Baking Sheet was rolled up inside the included storage ring and ready to go for the next time.  There is no front or back with the baking sheet, both sides are usable and non stick, and it has done a great job with drop cookies, small pizzas, and random frozen snack foods that I've cooked up in the oven.

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