Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Minecraft Story Mode ~ Craft Your Own Story #Review #Giveaway

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Written By:  Bobbie

My daughter loves Minecraft and let out the biggest squeal I have ever heard out of her when Telltales Games sent us (meaning her) a copy of Minecraft:  Story Mode to play.  My daughter wanted to craft her own story, and that included a picture with our own 'wolf', the game, and the t-shirt that she has claimed for herself.  Now I have to admit that I do not get Minecraft.  What I know about it is that it's a free play world building game that has pigs, sheep, wolves, and Creepers and keeps my daughter entertained for hours at a time.  I'm actually impressed that I even know that much. 

With Minecraft Story Mode there is a  story line that allows the player to choose what happens throughout the game play.  The main character is Jessie, and can be male or female, and even the appearance can be altered.  There is a small crew that travels with Jessie across several worlds looking for a group of adventures called the Order of the Stone that slayed the legendary Ender Dragon.  There is even a pet pig named Rupert for Jessie.  The Season Pass disc includes Episode 1, and will allow users to download seasons 2-5 as they become available.

My daughter happily loaded up the game disc and started playing.  It seemed like every other minute she was laughing at something that happened in the game.  Some of the choice options she seemed to really take her time and think about, and others she answered quickly.  I was kind of drawn into the game and asking her questions as she played.  My older daughter who is in the Navy came home for an unexpected visit and scrambled to play for a few hours as soon as she got a chance, and once again I heard a near constant stream of laughter as she progressed through the game.

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Minecraft:  Story Mode

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