Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Kitchen Fun With Silicone Lego Molds #Lego

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Written By:  Bobbie

My daughter loves all things Lego so she loves that we were sent a pack of Lego silicone molds to check out.  It was not long before she had them ready to go for some ice cubes.  So far her favorite shapes are the Lego figures.

The figurine molds are true to size (other than the one big one). I was able to put a figurine into the mold just to check for size, and it fit perfectly. The different brick molds seem to be larger than Lego bricks, which I think I think a good thing so you can actually see them. The brick molds do need to be placed on a flat surface to be moved around. When I picked them up to move them over to the freezer, the mold sides were very flimsy and water sloshed out. I did not have a problem with the figurine molds, the edges are much thicker that the brick molds and held their shape better while moving them around. Staking them in the freezer was not a problem.


Since I was testing them out for ice cubes, I did not worry if the backs had indents from the mold above it. They easily pulled apart after the ice cubes were made. I had no problems popping out all my Lego ice bricks and ice figurines. The ice bricks can not be stacked together like the plastic Lego bricks since the backs are smooth, or have random indents if another mold was stacked on top during the freezing process. I threw the molds into dishwasher on the top rack for cleaning before and after use. There was never any kind of funky chemical smell, and the ice cubes did not have any strange taste or residue on them from the silicone.

I am looking forward to using these for some chocolate candies or gum paste decorations for a cake.

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