Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Click n' Play Building Blocks Won't Break the Bank #ValuePack1000buildingblocks

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Written By:  Bobbie

I loved playing with building blocks growing up, and managed to save my thrown together set for my daughters to play with as well, while adding in bits and pieces as the years went buy.  Then Click n' Play sent me a 1,000 piece building block assortment to play with and our building block stash exploded.


I already have a pretty good assortment of brand name, and off brand building blocks running around, but never even thought about just how many I had.  Apparently I already have about a thousand pieces gathered up over the last 25 years or so.

Click n' Play Building Blocks are compatible with brand name building blocks.  I pulled out three different brands of red bricks that I had in my bucket, and on the right is the Click n' Play brick.  It fits perfectly with the other brand building blocks that I have.

Click n' Play offers a wide variety of pieces, and there are several colors of blocks available.  I grabbed random pieces from my old collection and started putting them together with random pieces from the Click n' Play pile.  All the building blocks fit together fine.  I did not notice any rough edges on the Click n' Play blocks, and deiced it was finally time to just combine all the blocks into one pile and have at it.


The Click n' Play blocks are just your basic building blocks with 14 different shapes and 10 colors.  There were no people, windows, doors, or other special pieces in the bag, but I have plenty of those in my own collection already.  My daughter was very impatiently waiting for me to give the to go ahead to start playing with the new blocks.  She really likes the raspberry colored blocks, and happily set about building a house with the old and new bricks.

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Click n' Play - 1000 pc Value Pack of Building Bricks

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