Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Quick and Easy Home Decor with Katazoom Wall Decal #review

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Written By:  Bobbie

I love this wall decal that I received for free in exchange for my honest review.  I was so excited that I installed it the same day it was delivered.  The decal came in a sturdy tube with instructions, so no creases in the vinyl. Instructions said to lay out flat on a warm surface, so I had it unfurled on the counter top above my dishwasher while it was running and held the whole thing down with some small coffee cups for about an hour.  While the decal was straightening up I wiped down the area near the kitchen that I wanted to install.  Before I installed the decal on the wall I rubbed all over the front and back with an old gift card to reactivate the adhesive as stated in the instructions.


I will admit to just eye balling the decal for placement left to right on my overhang wall.  I knew I wanted it center over the small walkway into the kitchen and used two pieces of tape along the top and was on and off a chair adjusting left and right until I was satisfied.  For top to bottom, I just made sure that the smaller case letters were 3.5 inches from the bottom of the overhang, and used a small hand held measuring tape to make sure it was the same on both sides, making adjustments as necessary.  One I was happy with the placement I used more tape along the top to use the Hinge Method described in the instructions to transfer the vinyl decal to the wall.


I flipped up the whole sheet up, and started to peel away the backing paper from the decal and transfer tape.  I made sure not to touch the decal while removing the backing tape.  The Vinyl stayed securely attached to the transfer tape the whole time.  The tricky part for me was to get the transfer tape flipped back down onto the wall smoothly.  I had one part that was a little less than perfectly smooth, but I was still able to transfer the decal to the wall with no problems.  Once again I grabbed my gift card and started rubbing to make the decal stick to the wall.  The small area that the transfer tape wrinkled a bit on me, I made sure to rub over the decal and avoided rubbing the wall as much as possible.

With the decal and the transfer now firmly in place on my wall, I took a breather and got ready to pull away the transfer tape.  I started at the upper right corner and started to peel the transfer tape away.  I did not pull it straight at me away from the wall, but to the left along the wall.  I pulled slowly just in case some of the decal did not stick to the wall, I knew I would be able to rub the transfer tape and decal back onto the wall with my gift card.  This never happened.  The decal stayed attached to the wall from start to finish, and after the install, I rubbed my hand along the entire thing, and it is firmly attached to the wall.

Other than waiting for the sheet to unfurl, the entire installation took less than an hour and was relatively painless.  It might be helpful to have a second set of hands help flip down the transfer tape after the stiffer backing paper is removed, but this is a home decor install that can be done with one person.

Just wanted to note that I installed the decal over a high gloss latex paint.

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