Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Magic Cubes Give a New Twist on An Old Classic #huixinda

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Written By:  Bobbie

Magic Cube 4-Pack set gives a new twist on an old classic.  My daughter was so excited to test these out in exchange for her honest opinion.

The cubes come individually packaged in boxes with what looks like Chinese writing on them.  There was an instruction sheet in one of the boxes, but I lost it about two seconds after breaking into the cubes.  Usually with these blocks you just twist away like crazy to mix up the colors on block, then try and get it back to all colors on one side.  These take it a step further not being the 9 square blocks on each side, but each having different designs and twist points, so the block starts to take on some funky shapes the more you twist.

The twisting glides easily as long as long as everything is lined up properly.  There is some flex to the blocks, but it seems that it would take a good amount of force to break it.  On a couple of the blocks I was able to pull off a what looks like an access panel, but it is easy to put back on, and does not detract from game play.

The colors on each cube are stickers, but they are very secure and would be difficult to peel off.  My teen daughter informed me that she was able to pop off a square, but was able to put it back on and kept on twisting. It seems that these blocks are made in such a way that a piece will pop off and can be put back in place, instead of just breaking off and making the block unusable.

My daughter spent several days twisting this way and that trying to get one back into a square.  I tried to help, but only managed to get one side back to a square, and the colors were all messed up.  She finally took it to school and handed it to a classmate that managed to get it back int a square, but the colors are all a jumble.  She's now hidden the magic cube so I don't mess it up again on her.  I'm using the other three magic cubes for stocking stuffers.

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4-Pack Magic Cube Set

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