Saturday, November 28, 2015

Defying Gravity with WubbleX #Review #WubbleX

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Written By:  Bobbie

My daughter is loving the Wubble line of toys.  Last year we played with the Wubble Bubble, and already this year we were given a chance to play with a Glo Wubble.  This time around we were sent a WubbleX to check out.

Because it requires helium, the WubbleX requires a separate canister to fill, and someone over the age of 18 to fill the WubbleX.  I read over the instructions careful and then made sure I had everything set and ready to go to fill the WubbleX.  The straw was easily inserted into the WubbleX after using some of the included petroleum jelly.  One canister filled up the WubbleX completely, and I had no problems placing the sticker over the hole to help ensure that the helium did not leak out.

Once I let go of the WubbleX it floated straight up to the ceiling and just hung around up there for about 20-30 minutes.  After that it started to just bob around the living room.  My daughter snagged a cardboard tube and started batting it around the house like an over sized, slow-motion baseball.

We also batted it down back and forth to each other in a goofy game of keep the WubbleX off the ceiling.  There was only one near miss with the ceiling fan in the living room, but thankfully it was on a low speed and just clipped the WubbleX enough to bounce it across the living room ceiling.

There was a good 30 minutes of lighter than air play time with the WubbleX before it was not floating around mid air, and another 20-30 minutes of the WubbleX being super light and having extra hang time when batted up into the air.  Even after the helium effects are gone, the WubbleX stays inflated and can be gently tossed and kicked around the house for fun,  My WubbleX has been bounced around the house for a couple of weeks now and has only deflated a little bit.  My daughter and I still randomly bat it back and forth to each other from couch to couch just for giggles.

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