Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Shiloh Checks out His New Stainless Steel Bowls #zitriom

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Written By:  Bobbie

I know Shiloh is spoiled when it comes to treats, but when it comes to his food and water bowls, he's been dealing with some plastic things I picked up from a local dollar store.  Thankfully he was upgraded to a set of stainless steal bowls in exchange for his honest opinion.

These arrived in a two pack and both bowls were wrapped in their own plastic bag.  I quickly hand washed each one and got ready to test them out with my hairball.  I like they they both have a wide base and a hard plastic cover on the base to prevent slipping, and it dulls the sound of the bowl when it's placed on the patio.

Shiloh only slightly hesitated before diving into his new food and water bowls.  The base on these bowls is very wide and so far Shiloh  has not been able to tip them, though he has scooted one around a little while eating.  The bowls hold a lot, one full serving of food for my 65 lb beast, and enough water to last him all day, but are not so deep that he can not lap up every last piece of kibble with ease.

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32 Ounce Stainless Steel Pet Bowl ~ Set of 2

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