Friday, October 9, 2015

Partying Down With a Rotating Multi Color Disco Light #partyideasdiscolighthotsale

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Written By:  Bobbie

I may have cackled a bit more that I should have when I was given a Rotating Multi Color Disco Light to test out in exchange for my honest review.  I turned into a kid the day it was delivered and was testing it out in different rooms just to see how it looked.

The instructions for the bulb are pretty simple, just screw it in like you would a regular light bulb.  There are two things to watch out for with the disco bulb.  Do not screw it in holding onto the faceted clear top.  Be sure to grab further down the side of the bulb towards to base to install and remove the bulb.  The faceted top rotates to give the disco effect, so be careful not to twist it too much.  The second thing it to be sure the bulb will fit if you are using in a ceiling fan or have a small lamp shade.

The base of the Disco Bulb was able to fit all the different sockets I tried in my house, but the light covers on my daughters ceiling fan did prevent me from being able to screw it in all the way to make full contact to make the light work, but I had no problems with the living room ceiling fan and a small nightstand lamp in my bedroom.  I accidentally loosed the faceted top moving it room to room causing it to no longer rotate, but a slight twist of a screwdriver tightened it back on and it went back to working perfectly.

The light it pretty bright even in the middle of the day.  I even had my blinds open and was able to see the red, green, and blue lights dancing around in the living room.  My cat was busy watching the lights dance around with I was busy watching him.  A great thing about the disco bulb, after several hours of use, it was cool to the touch!  I was able to just turn off the lamp, and immediately switch it back out to a regular bulb.

Of course the Disco Light can only be truly appreciated when it's dark.  I did my best with closing all the blinds and doors in one room to get it decently dark to shook a quick video.  The bulb is almost completely silent, and I could hear just the faintest of gears turning in a super quiet room.  Once you have some taking or music going, there will be no sound from the bulb.  I did take off the small lamp shade just to make it easier for me to install.  My daughter can't wait till we pick up a little lamp so she can have this bulb in her room all the time.  

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