Thursday, October 15, 2015

Fine Mesh Strainers are a Kitchen Essential #bestmeshstrainer

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Written By:  Bobbie

I love the set of three premium fine mesh stainless steel strainers that I was given in exchange for my honest opinion.  The grip on all three sizes is comfortable.  They have held up to heavy use with straining chicken broth and have not bowed or transferred heat to my hand.  The mesh is very fine and will not let course salt through.  I discovered this by accident sifting some dry ingredients together. The small strainer is perfect for dusting powdered sugar on treats and for making sure there are no lumps in my powdered green tea.

The handles  The tip on the opposite side of the bowl from the handle makes it easy to rest over a large bowl for straining juices and broths.   The handle is flat so the strainer will not rock or swivel when over a bowl.  I've washed them into the dishwasher several times and they have not rusted anywhere and the mesh has kept it's shape. The nesting feature is great for drawers with limited storage space.   The strainers have served a wide variety of uses from sifting flour to draining berries and pasta.

Available on Amazon:
LiveFresh Premium Very Fine Mesh Food Strainers - Set of 3

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