Thursday, September 10, 2015

Seek & Destroy with Crunchy Creations Cat Treats From #Review #Chewy

Written By:  Bobbie sent my two hairballs a bag of Science Diet Crunchy Creations Cat Treats in exchange for their honest review.

Sherbert my orange cat is not all into treats, but he did like them enough to move around a little to eat them.  Most treats he will not even bother to stretch his neck out to get to one.  My little grey cat Haggis went bonkers for these treats.  I won't lie, I use treats to get affection out of Haggis.  He is the ultimate Don't-Touch-Me cat, but I'm able to get in a few pets and rubs in while he's eating.  These treats he likes so much that he will jump onto my lap when he hears the bag crinkle.  It's pretty funny to watch him come running and do his flying leap for treats since he is a 14 year old kitten.  We are back to storing treats in a high area, since he goes on an all out seek-and-destroy mission to find them.  Hiding them behind the computer screen was not enough to deter him from getting to his treats.

Science Diet Crunchy Creations is grain free and had that perfect combination of crunchy and moist that old man Haggis was able to chow down with his slightly aged teeth.  They do not have a strong smell and are a decent size that I can throw one across the kitchen floor, and he can still find them with a bit of nosing around.

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