Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Carex Lumbar Support Pillow ~ My New Travel Buddy #Carex #Review

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Written By:  Bobbie

Road trips are fun, but with long periods of the time in the car,  you need to pack a few extras to make sure that everyone in the family is comfortable.  Luckily I was given the chance to check out a Memory Foam Lumbar Support Cushion from Carex Health Brands during my road trip.

We actually ended up using it for a while before the trip even started as my younger daughter injured her foot and needed to keep it elevated for several days while she was at home.  With the shape of the pillow cradling her foot, and the removable washable cover, it was a win-win situation for us.  The cover is easy to take off and throw in with the laundry and easy to put back onto the pillow.  Yes I know my daughter looks thrilled in this picture, but we drove over 1,600 miles in just two days.  It did not take long for the cranky spankies to set it.

While we were traveling cross country, the pillow got passed around to everyone in the family.  My daughter ended up using it the most because she was stuck in the back seat which does not have any lumbar support.  She went back and forth between using it for her back, and just as a pillow for her head, and there were a few times that my husband and I snagged it for a pillow to take naps while the other was driving.

There is a small elastic strip across the back, but it is not large enough to fit around the seats in either of my vehicles, but it does work well on my small computer chair at home.  This has become my go-to pillow to grab whenever I need a little extra padding or back support be it at home or on the go.

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