Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Quick and Accurate Bathroom Scale #smartweigh #review

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Having an accurate scale is important for weight goals, be it loss, maintain, or even gain.  My old scale has crazy weight swings so I was excited to receive the Smart Weigh Precision Ultra Slim Digital Bathroom Scale in exchange for my honest opinion   It has a nice low profile, but is still sturdy enough to a lot of weight, despite being glass.

My household of three has found it to be more accurate and reliable than my old digital scale. There is very little fluctuation (0.2-0.4 lb) if any at all when I step on and off the scale, and I have moved it around to the kitchen and second bathroom. I like that the digital display blinks to let me know that it is showing the final weight. There is no ON/OFF switch, but it does turn on when you step on it, and has an automatic shut off. There is one button on the scale that will switch between lb, kg, and lb-st. There does need to be a bit of weight before the scale will turn on. My 21 lb cat laying on the scale will not turn it on, but if I set my foot on it with some pressure to turn it on, I can then have my cat on the scale and it will read how much he weighs. My little 10 lb cat will not even register at all.

The scale requires four AAA which are included in the box, and is very easy to wipe clean since the surface is smooth glass. I do like the look of the black trim around the edges of the scale, and use it a guideline of where to place my feet to help ensure that I am standing on it correctly to get a weight reading. With my old scale, the reading would vary greatly depending on where I placed my feet. While this does not see to be the case with this new scale, I still like trying to stand on the same spot when I use it.

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Smart Weigh Precision Ultra Slim Digital Bathroom Scale

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