Friday, August 14, 2015

Losing 52 Lbs in 52 Weeks ~ Weeks 28 - 32 ~ Vacation, Depression,Starting Over

Written By:  Bobbie

To say that I have been busy the last few weeks is an understatement.  My last update was a few days after I returned from Chicago to see my older daughter graduate from Navy boot camp.  Since then my younger daughter had been sick, we packed up the SUV and took a cross country road trip out to see some relatives, back home to pretend to recover for a few days, I packed up my younger daughter to see her dad for the rest of the summer vacation, and my mom called and offered to pay my way to head up to Tahoe for a couple of days.With all the travel behind me, I've had some time to wind down, finally recover, and had an emotional crash.  My house is too quiet.  My older daughter is now down in Florida for advanced training for her new Navy career, younger daughter is gone for a couple more weeks visiting her dad, and my hubby ends up working overtime most night.  I am home with the cats, and sometimes they are not so great at holding a conversation.

I have never traveled well, so I was not sleeping too well, pretty much for the entire month of July.  I replace sleep with sugar and caffeine when I travel to keep me going.  Needless to say, any semblance of a diet was out the door, and with all the travel and recovery, I had a lot of down days that I barely moved.  I gained a bit of weight back.

With so much GO GO GO in July, August rolled around and just punched my emotions in the gut.  My older daughter has officially flown the coop.  She left for Navy boot camp mid May, I saw her for a few short but precious hours early July, and I may or may not see her a couple weeks before Christmas.  With my younger daughter visiting her dad, I've had a lot of alone time to just let my emotions boil over, and when that happens I'm a chow hound.  It's taking me a bit to get the house stocked back up with fruits and veggies to mindless munch on, but I'm getting there.

I am now having to pretty much start over with my weight loss.  I'm not too sure how accurate my old scale was, but I have a new one that is fantastic with the accuracy.  To help keep me on track, I'm throwing me weight out there.  It is something that I have kept secret since day 1, but I figure it will help motivate me get some of this weight off.

Height: 5'8
Starting Weight: 228.2
Current Weight: 220.0
Goal Weight:  176.2

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