Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Aqua Dance Handheld 5 Function Showerhead is a Simple and Elegant Upgrade #review

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Written By:  Bobbie

Sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference when it comes to home upgrades.  My family has been in our little house for 15 years, and while we bought all sorts of new fixtures, appliances when we moved it, now some things are not looking as spiffy, or working as well.  I have been hounding hubby for a new showerhead for our bathroom, but he has resisted.  All of his objections were overruled when I received the Aqua Dance Handheld 5 Function Showerhead with the Chrome Finish in exchange for my honest review.


I squealed a little when the box came in and could not wait for hubby to get home to show it to him.  Everything was so nice and shiny with the beautiful chrome finish.  Everything you need to install the showerhead is included, even a small roll of plumbers tape.  Hubby came home and said it looked nice.  I had to wait to install it until after a week long trip, but shortly after I got home I installed the showerhead while hubby was at work.


I love that there were no tools required.  I read over the instructions and they seemed pretty straight forward.  Remove old showerhead, and install new showerhead in stages, making sure gaskets were all in place.  I did need a hunk of steel wool to clean off my shower stem.  The old gasket was just falling apart as I took off the old shower head.  It was pretty easy to clean up quickly, and I went ahead and skipped the plumbers tape, as the instructions said to use only as needed for leaks.

Everything was easy to screw on, and I had no problems placing the gaskets correctly in the ends of the hose.  I turned on the showerhead and was pleased there were no leaks.  I found it easy to switch between the five settings.  One thing I noticed immediately was that the showerhead sat higher than my old one, and was angled more down that out, which I love.  This showerhead produces a steady stream of water, and even with the low flow aspect of it, I have no problems quickly rinsing shampoo and conditioner from my long hair.  It is also a very quiet showerhead compared to my old one.  I don't even hear it in the morning when hubby is getting ready for work.  The hose is a lot more flexible that than my old one as well.

I waited a few days before asking hubby what he tought of the showerhead, and he likes it, for all the same reasons I do.  At the time of writing this review, the Aqua Dance Showerhead is a great bargain at only $19.99.  Hubby thought it was at a much higher price point.

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