Friday, July 10, 2015

Zubugs, the Baby Rattle That is Cute as a Bug #ZUBELS

Written By:  Bobbie

With my husband's side of the family ever expanding, I was excited to receive a Zubug in exchange for my honest opinion.  My husband recently because a great-uncle twice over, and I knew that the Zubug would be a great baby rattle for one of the newer additions to the family.

Zubels is a line of 100% cotton, hand knit toys, hats and sweaters for infants and toddlers.  The Zubug I received was this cute little green grasshopper, complete with six legs and wings.  My younger daughter was so enthralled with it, I was cracking up watching her wave it around to make it rattle.  We tugged on wings, antenna, eyes, and legs, and everything is securely attached.  The cotton is very very soft, and the entire bug is so squishable.  My daughter was hard pressed to be parted from the grasshopper baby rattle.  The rattle not high pitched and is pretty soothing.  I can see how the Zubug will be easy for little fingers to grasp and move it around to make the rattle sound.

Sadly I had a bit of a scheduling conflict in getting the Zubug Grasshopper into the hands of the intended baby reviewer, so I will be updating the post in a couple weeks with pictures of the Zubug Grasshopper with Baby Bug.

Zubugs Available Are:

For the month of July all Zubugs are 50% off!  CLICK HERE to snag one of these adorable rattles for a little one in your life.

If bug rattles are not your thing, there are several toy collections available like Zu-Jungle, Zu-City, and Zu-Beach just to name a few.

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