Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Losing 52 Lbs in 52 Weeks ~ The Week That Was Forgotten ~ Week 26

Written By:  Bobbie

I'm only 6 days late with this post.  I ended up leaving for for Chicago to see my daughter's graduation ceremony from Navy Bootcamp the day before this post was due.  Really for the week before, I was a wreck waiting for her to call and tell me she passed her final test.  That call came in just two days before we flew out and three days before her graduation ceremony.  I will say that I ran the gambit from barely eating anything all day, to eating a little here and there, to stress eating way too many things that were not exactly condusive to losing weight.  Tomorrow another weekly weight loss post is due, and I should be back on track with then from here on out.  I have not set foot on a scale yet, but I will with the next update.

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