Saturday, July 11, 2015

Enjoying Snacks on the Go with Bauli Mini Croissants #summertravel

Written By:  Bobbie

With summer in full swing and my daughter and I always on the go, and we are usually on the look out for a snack that we can grab to take with us.  I was thrilled to have the opportunity to try out some Bauli Authentic Italian Mini Croissants in exchange for my honest review.

Bauli Mini Croissants are filled with either chocolate or vanilla custard, and each bag has 6 of these delectable mini treats in them.  For our at home test I opened up two bags and took out three of each, one for each of us.  The croissants dough is very soft, and smelled great in the bag.  They are mini and are 2-3 bites each, if you are not just cramming the whole thing in your mouth.  I did not tell hubby what was going on, and I handed him his two and asked for his opinion.  He liked that the dough was sweet, and had just the right amount of flake.  The croissants were not dry, and he enjoyed both the flavors of the fillings.

My daughter and I agreed with his assessment, but we both preferred the chocolate over the vanilla custard.  This is just a personal taste preference, as we will both always pick chocolate over vanilla.  We tried to pace ourselves eating only one of each flavor after dinner so we could enjoy them for just a bit longer.  All bets were off when a shord road tripped popped up.  My daughter grabbed the remaining unopened chocolate bag and we demolished it.  I've stashed away the last vanilla custard bag to take with us to the State Fair so we have easy snacks while walking around and seeing everything.

Bauli products are made with NO preservatives, NO artificial colors or flavors, and NO genetically modified ingredients.  Bauli’s products are also Kosher Dairy Certified.  All milk and dairy ingredients are from a kosher animal, free of meat derivatives, and produced and processed on kosher equipment.

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