Friday, July 31, 2015

Educated, Empowered and Enlightened #noexcuses #micbloggers

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Written By:  Bobbie

"We believe that Every girl and woman should be educated, empowered and enlightened. That they should feel good about themselves."

As a mom of two daughters, I have always made a point to teach them that there is no limit to what they can accomplish.  My husband has been great in supporting me with this and gets my daughters to help out in some way when it comes to vehicle maintenance and other traditionally male undertakings.  Around the house we see if we can fix small problems, or help my husband when he is working on something.  I am always encoring them to explore, try new things, and to never stop learning.

Because of this I am pleased to be a backer,  and to share with you a kickstarter campaign to launch an apparel line:  There is No Excuse for a Stupid Woman! Tshirts for Education.  Once up and running, for every 500 shirts sold, a donation of  $500 will go to a girls empowerment group!  Be sure to check out the kickstarter campaign  and you can check out the shirts over on Week99er.  I have on the bright yellow shirt!

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