Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Make Every Meal a Party with Fiesta Dinnerware

Written By:  Bobbie

Timing is everything.  I have been hunting around looking for some new dinnerware when I received a Fiesta 5 piece dinnerware set in Sage, as well as a two piece Dip & Spreader Set in Lapis from The Homer Laughlin China Co. in exchange for my honest review.

I will be totally honest, I squealed at the opportunity to try out some Fiesta Dinnerware.  I have seen the dinnerware growing up, and I have always liked all of the colors.  The dishes are so versatile being dishwasher, oven, and freezer safe.  I loved the set that I received for review so much that I went out and bought four more place settings and packed away what was left of my old dinnerware set.

There are two new colors launching June 2015, Sage and Slate.  I love how all the colors can be mixed and matched together.  Hubby now teases me that he feels like we are having a party because the dinner table is so colorful.  Both my daughters immediately tried to lay claim to a specific color, but I stopped that real quick by yelling, "NO DIBS!"

I have been using my dinnerware sets now for a few weeks now, and they are so incredibly sturdy.  I have had them in the dishwasher, oven, and microwave with no problems.  Even with some pretty rough handling, not one has chipped.  If I do somehow manage to chip one, Fiesta has a 5 Year Chip Replacement Warranty. I will not telling my younger daughter that info, as she is the reason most of my old dish set is chipped.   I am not sure if I will ever be able to test them in the freezer as I never have any extra room in my tiny freezer, but it is nice to know that option is available should I even need it.

I love the little Dip & Spreader set.  It holds a deceptivly large amount of 8 oz. given the size.  I made some cinnamon honey butter and took it over to a multi-family diner with some rolls.  It was easy to wrap up in some plastic wrap and to transport over there and back.  The spreader worked great with the room temperature butter, and cleaning it was a breeze.  My sister-in-law loves the bright blue Lapis color.

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