Thursday, June 11, 2015

Losing 52 Lbs in 52 Weeks ~ Switching Fitness Trackers ~ Week 23

Written By:  Bobbie

The middle of the May I made the jump from the Up by Jawbone to a Misfit Shine.  There was really nothing wrong with the Jawbone, but I have pretty acidic skin, and saw that I was already starting to degrade the rubber on the Up by Jawbone.  While the Misfit Shine also has a rubber band, I can easily replace that, or even buy a metal band.  I gave the Jawbone to my daughter and she has been using it, so all is not lost.

What I gave up with the Up by Jawbone:
Inactive alert vibrations

What I gained with the Misfit Shrine:
Wireless syncing with app on my phone
Visual update on step progress without having to look at phone

The Ugly
I still had three days that I did not bother logging my food.  This is something I really do need to knuckle down on, even if it is just a guess on what my intake is.

The Bad
I was over on my caloric intake on two other days that I did log my food.  At least I did log everything even if I went over.

The Good
I kept up on my step activities all week!  I managed 6,000 steps a day or more all week.  Some days were harder than others, because the last thing I want to do is walk around outside when it's 104.  I think being able to quickly tap the Misfit Shrine and see how far along I am in my daily progress is helping me keep up with my daily steps.

Goals for Week
I am going to bump up my daily step goal to 7,000 and see how it goes.  There were only a couple days that I struggled to hit the 6,000, so I think the 7,000 is within my grasp.  When I started on this journey, just hitting 5,000 steps a day was a stretch, so overall I am improving in this area.

End Result for Week
Up 0.6 Lbs.  This can easily just be a random flux in my weight, I'm not gonna sweat it.  Even if it is weight gain, it is not a huge jump up and can easily be lost.

Total Weight Lost
Down 12.2 lbs.  I have to get over this hump and back on track to losing weight.  Hoping that bumping up my daily step goal will help with that.

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