Friday, June 26, 2015

Losing 52 Lbs in 52 Weeks ~ Shopping Excursion ~ Week 25

Written By:  Bobbie

So I am scrapping my normal reporting form  for this week.  I did not have ugly, bad and good.  I had life, a lot of life.  I decided to skip stepping on the scale as seeing that number swing up or down does change how I feel about the week that I had and the week I have coming up.

This week I just focused on changes I am noticing on my body.  Shirts are getting looser around the arms and shoulders.  I like that!  Shorts and pants are getting looser as well.  I am going to have to toss a few items pretty soon (no belt loops), and I'm starting to be able to wear those items in the back of my closet  that were just a tad to tight.

I had two shopping trips looking for a couple of new tops to wear when I fly out to see my daughter graduate from boot camp.  I am down a shirt size!  Well, more or less.  When I went shopping just about everything I tried on that was an XL was too big or about to be too big.  I happily loaded up on a bunch of larges the next trip and was able to fit into just about everything I tried on.  Some styles I will never fit in a large because of how the bust is designed, or the material used, but just getting back into a large in general made me feel so proud of my weight loss accomplishments so far.

End Result for Week
Took this week from the scale.  Used clothes as a scale and more or less down a shirt size.

Total Weight Lost
Down 16.2 lbs as of last week.

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