Friday, June 5, 2015

Written By:  Bobbie

It's been a blah week.  I was not feeling well over the weekend, so I did not bother trying to reach my daily step goals, or log my food.  Really for a few days I felt so sick I was barely eating and figured there was no point in logging my food as there was no way I was going to go over my calorie allowance.  That was a big mistake because when I finally started to feel better, I still did not log my food intake.  I know that if I want to make this long term and stick, I have to stay consistant.

The Ugly
I actually delayed this post for a day because I wanted to cry when I stepped on the scale Thursday morning and it showed that I gained 11 pounds.  I knew in my head there was no way I did that in a week, but the number on the scale just killed me for the day.

The Bad
I did miss my step goal for the two days I was not feeling well, and I did a horrid job in logging my food intake from Sunday through Thursday.  Even with Thursday being the start of the new week for my logging, I just could not get my head into the game.

The Good
Even with my utter lack of motivation this week I managed to keep my water intake up.  This is getting easier as it is starting to warm up.  I just keep some cool water near me at all times.  I did like the scale when I stepped on it this morning as it said I only gained 4 pounds (vs the gained 11 the morning before).  In no way do I believe that I dropped 7 pounds overnight, but I am back to thinking my scale is on crack or something.

Goals for Week
Get my head back in the game and get back on track with my walking and loggin gmy food.  Feels a little like I'm starting all over again

End Result for Week
Up 3.8.  I'll get past this, and still better that when my scale said I gained 11 pounds the morning before!

Total Weight Lost
Down 12.8

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