Thursday, June 18, 2015

Keeping Gadgets Charged While on the Go With +LIFEGUARD Car Charger #pluslifeguard #summertravel

Written By:  Bobbie

Road trips or running around town, I have to have a reliable car charger.  Even better if it has two ports that can charge a variety of electronics since my family is rather gadget heavy.  +LifeGuard sent me a car dual port car charger in exchange for my honest review.

The charger fits snugly into my cars cigarette lighter port, and a blue light lets me know that is has full contact and is ready to start charging.  No error messages with Apple products, or Amazon Kindle products.  I use the GPS a lot when I am driving, and my phone stays charged while in use.

The charger over all is pretty compact, and easily fits in the ashtray of my car, and lots of other cubbies, so I can easily tuck it away for out of sight storage.

The texture at the top is great for being able to get a good grip to remove the car charger when not in use.  It can get a bit warm when it has been used for a while, so be sure to test it before just grabbing it.   

I have not yet tired using this with both ports in use at the same time, but I have a road trip coming up, and this is going with me to help keeps electronics charged up while on vacation.

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