Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Going Old School with the Danish Dough Whisk #baking

Written By:  Bobbie

I love baking, but sometimes I do not want the hassle of dragging out a stand mixer, or hand mixer mixer, or fighting with my wire whisk with a thicker batter.  Recently I was sent a Danish Dough Whisk to try out in exchange for my honest review.  This whisk is the perfect solution for me.

Some of my baking batters are pretty thick, but need to be mixed until they are just combined, and it is hard to tell with a stand or hand mixer.  These batters tend to be too thick for my wire and plastic whisks, and using a fork just pains my hand and arm.

The Danish Dough Whisk is a mixing powerhouse.  The handle is very comfortable to hold, and the whisk design gets the batters mixed up with little effort.  I like that I can easily scrape all around the bowl to pick up stray pockets of ingredients and get them incorporated into the batter quickly.

I have used the dough whisk with biscuit dough, banana bread dough, and even pancake and brownie batter.  Clean up is so easy compared to my wire and plastic whisks.  Few swipes with a soapy sponge and warm water immediately after I am done mixing, and it it is ready to be dried and put away, ready for the next time around.

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