Friday, May 8, 2015

Staying Itch Free With TriCalm Hydrogel #review

Written By:  Bobbie

Over the years my camping first aid kid has evolved.  The first time we went, I packed nothing, so of course one of my daughters scrubbed and needed some bandages.  Since then I have been adding things to the first aid baggie.  This year TriCalm sent a bottle of Hydrogel to try while camping in exchange for my honest opinion.

TriCalm Hydrogel is for itching, burning, and stinging.   Where we go camping we expect bug bites (itching), sun/wind burns (burning), and wasps are usually hovering around (stinging).  Three in one, I'll take it!  I'll be honest, I did not even get the opportunity to try TriCalm while camping.  There was just enough wind to keep the bugs at bay, between sunblock and tree shade, no one was burned, and not one kid found a wasp to play with or lightly scratched up any body parts.  Total win for the camping trip, not so good for doing an on the spot review.  Thankfully the areas we explored while camping do not have poison oak, but I will keep this handy for other trips where exposure is a possibility

That being said, I used TriCalm plenty of times before and after my camping trip.  Both my daughter were complaining about itchy bug bites a few days before the trip, so we slathered on some TriCalm.  They informed me that the gel was immediately cooling, and shortly after, they were not longer itching.  A few hours later they said they were itchy again, so another application on TriCalm and they were off and running.  Encouraged by the results, I made sure TriCalm was in my camping first aid kit

After the camping trip I ended up getting a bit of a sun burn on my left arm.  I grabbed the TriCalm and rubbed some on my arm.  I instantly felt a cooling relief on my arm.  A couple hours later my arm was bothering me again, so I applied more TriCalm, again instant cooling relief.  I did one more application before bed just to keep the irritation down so I would not wake up in the middle of the night.  By the time I woke up in the morning my sun burnt arm was no longer bothering me.

TriCalm Hydrogel is colorless and nearly odourless.  There is a faint medicinal scent to it, but it dissipates shortly after it is applied.  This will be in my kit the next time I go camping since it has been working so well at home.

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