Friday, May 15, 2015

Staying Hydrated on the Go with #Aquasana #Review

Written By:  Bobbie

My older daughter is such a goof.  I told her we needed to get some pics of her and the water bottle that Aquasana gave me for an honest review, and this is what she came up with.

"Do you get it mom?  I'm a traveler, and I'm inside a TARDIS, and have a blue water bottle as my traveling companion!"  I just rolled with it.  To be fair, the water bottle really was her traveling companion.  For several months she was part of the Navy Delay Entry Program, and one of the recruiters told her to drink more water.  She was under orders not to leave the house without a water bottle.

The Aquasana bottle was the perfect solution for her.  I try and avoid buying water bottles, simply because I can not stand buying water when I happily drink water from the tap.  The bottle is made from glass, but in not overly heavy, and holds 18 oz. of fluid.  The mouth is large enough for us to slip ice cubes in, and I love that the cap has a rubber gasket so it won't leak.

The rubber sleeves are an additional option to help with non slip grip, and comes in six vibrant colors with matching lids.  I've tossed everything into the dishwasher and had no problems.  The sleeve takes a little wiggle to get on and off, but it not very difficult and only takes a moment.  I've thrown the bottle into the dishwasher with and without the sleeve on, and both times they came out clean.  My daughter took this bottle everywhere with her before she left for boot camp, including all her physical exercise meetings with the Navy Recruiters.  It has been dropped more than a few times, but the rubber sleeve has prevented it from cracking or breaking.  Because it does not leak, she would also stuff it in her purse whenever we left the house.

My daughter has since shipped off to boot camp (she is 20 believe it or not), and her Aquasana bottle is sitting here at home just waiting for her to come back and pick it up before sharing in some world wide adventures with her while she is in the Navy.

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