Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Staying Hydrated and Keeping Drinks Bug Free with Tervis Water Bottles #review

Written By:  Bobbie

Staying hydrated while camping is not always easy.  It is not just forgetting to drink water and the sun, but also the wind, and even the heat from the campfire pulling all the moisture out of you.  I am forever fighting with drinks becoming too hot during the day, spilled cause I tripped over a twig, and the ever frequent flying bug that has decided my drink cup makes an excellent swimming pool.  Tervis sent me a cute Camping Water Bottle, and Fishing Lures Water Bottle to use while on my camping trip in exchage for my honest review.

These water bottles are pretty amazing.  My biggest pet peeve while camping is bugs in my cup.  I'm city-fied enough that I can't just pull the bug out and keep drinking,  I get all grossed out and toss out whatever is in my cup and wash it out.  I could tell that bugs would not be a problem with the water bottle lid.  The drinking spout is completely covered when the lid is snapped shut and is even spill proof when tipped over.

The water bottle is double walled, but is still small enough to fit in most of out camping chair cup holders.  The double wall is great because it does not sweat as much and keeps drinks cold.  One afternoon the girls and I got ready to go for a walk around the lagoon bed, and I filled up the water bottle with some ice water.  I had been carrying around the bottle by the finger loop all morning, and figured it would be comfortable enough to take with me on the walk.  Of course I promtply forgot it at the camp site.  45 minutes later when we got back, it still had ice in it!

The camping patch and the fish wrap designs are just awesome, and fit in perfectly with our camping trip.  My husband likes to fish, so I gave him the fishing lure water bottle.  I had to fight both my daughters off the camping patch bottle.  They are so easy to drink out of, and are comfortable to hold.  The flat spots on opposite sides of the bottle helped with gripping, and the lid did a great job keeping bugs and debris out of our drinks.

We cleaned the water bottles by hand at the campsite, but they went straight into the dishwasher when we came home

Tervis has several styles of drinkware available with 4 styles of tumblers, mug, goblet, and the waterbottles, and you are even able to customize with your own photos, names, or monograms!

There are also a wide range of accessories available:
Colorful travel lids
Shaker Tops

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