Monday, May 4, 2015

Sentey Flow Headphones Not Just For Kids #review #poweruser #senteyflow

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6/15/15 ~ Headphones have developed a crack along the top after two months use, and my daughter now has packing tape around it to keep it together.  She is still happily using them, but I will be contacting Sentey.

I actually have pretty limited experience when it comes to headphones, so I jumped at the chance to check out the Flow Headphones from Sentey in exchange for my honest review.  The last time I actually owned a pair of headphones was over 20 years ago, and I'm pretty sure they were they type that had some cheap foam over the ear pieces that hurt my ears and disintegrated in no time.
The Sentey Flow headphones are far cry from those days.  First off, this is cute looking, clean lines, and the blue and white is nice touch.  This is a corded headphone, but the cord is fully removable.  I like this as my younger daughter is forever breaking the cords to her ear buds.  The cord is thick, so I'm hoping it will be a long while before she breaks it (preferably never) but I now that I can just replace the cord and it will be good as new again.

The Flow headphones are a comfortable fit for me and my daughter.  They ear pieces do extend so they are larger, but I am most comfortable with them as short as possible.  The top has a rubber cover that has some give to it for comfort.  The ear pieces are well padded, and even with my ear cuff on, they feel comfortable.

The sound from the headphones is pretty darn good.  Much better than some ear buds that I've had.  While not fully noise cancelling headphones, they do block out a lot of outside noise, but I can hear if one of my kids needs me, and my kids can hear me if I can ever get their attention.  I can hear all the little noises when I'm watching movies on my tablet that I miss when I'm watching the same movie on TV.  There is an in line microphone, but I have not had a chance to check that out yet.  The microphone does have a button that when pressed will pause movies or music, then continue playback when pressed again.  If the button is pressed twice it will skip to the next scene on my tablet.

I like that the earpieces can be folded up for storage.  While this does not come with a storage bag, I'm sure I have something laying around the house that will work.  These have been pretty sturdy so far, and my younger daughter has dropped them several times, and they still work perfectly fine.

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