Thursday, May 21, 2015

RHS Boxing Club Gets a Visit from Champion Bodybuilders

Written By:  Bobbie

My daughter asked to join the Boxing Club after school program a while back, and I of course I was all for it.  She has been working her tail off since joining the club.  Recently Champion Bodybuilders Antonio Smothers and Chassidy Smothers of Smothers Fitness University came over to the school, and helped the entire Boxing Club with their after school work out.


My daughter only told me that there were going to be special speakers for the day, and invited me to come and listen with her.  She received a bit of a shock when she was told to go dress down and get ready for a workout!  I quickly introduced myself and asked for permission to take pictures of the workout and share.  Both Antonio and Chassidy are incredibly friendly and encouraged me to take as many pictures as I wanted.


The workout started with some warm up exercises, and Antonio and Chassidy did them along with everyone else.  Have to lead by example right?  They then demonstrated to all the students the different workout stations, and then the fun began.


The students were broken down into smaller groups and each went to a station.  Antonio and Chassidy, along with the Boxing Club coach Mr. P,  all moved around between the stations making sure the students were doing everything correctly.  The vibe in the gym was incredibly positive and motivational.  Some of the stations finished faster than others, and Antonio and Chassidy kept everyone moving with more exercises, or variations of exercises.

The hour flew by and everyone looked like they had a ton of fun, if not a little worn out.  Chassidy and Antonio passed out some water bottles and other goodies for all the students, and after the group picture, stayed to take pictures with individual students, and answer any questions.  I know my daugher has a blast, and she hopes they come back again.

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