Saturday, May 2, 2015

PUNA Inc. Butane Torch Lighter is Easy to Use #jetflamelighter #Review

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Written By:  Bobbie

I love having desserts in restaurants that have caramelized sugar crust on top.  There is just something about whacking the sugar crust with my spoon that is so satisfying.  Thanks to PUNA Inc sending me a Micro Butane Torch Lighter in exchange for my honest review, I can now add caramelized sugar crust to my desserts at home.

The Butane Torch Lighter arrived in a nice lined box that is well presented.  It includes the torch and a stand.  It is empty, so you need to have some butane to be able to fill it.  The directions were not fully clear on this, but with some trial and error I figured out there is a small hole on the bottom to fill the torch.  I had to let the torch sit for a while before it would ignite.  This torch is self igniting, so no matches are required.

I decided to caramelize the top of a No Bake Cheesecake and both my daughters took a turn at using the torch.  There is a lock to keep the flame on continuously, so you can take your thumb off the trigger.  We were able to set it down on the stand and rotate the cheesecake to continue caramelizing the top.  The torch is easy to grip and easy to move around.  I did burn myself a little trying to switch the lock when I was done with the torch, but that may have been more of me not really knowing what I was doing.

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