Friday, May 29, 2015

Written By:  Bobbie

One of my all time favorite dips is a mustard mayo dip.  I first learned about it in French class many moons ago in high school.  My teacher told us that the French use a dip made of mustard and mayonnaise to dip their fries in.  I went home, made some, and have never looked back.  This is great on fries, tots, nuggets, and pretty much everything you can think of to dip in ketchup.  I've also served this as a dip with veggie trays, and it's always devoured.




Mix together equal parts mustard and mayonnaise.  Adjust to taste preferences with more mustard for more kick, or more mayonnaise for more of a creamy taste.  I've used this with sweet mustard,  hot & spicy mustard, as well and stone ground mustard, and each one has it's own unique flavor.

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