Thursday, May 14, 2015

Losing 52 Lbs in 52 Weeks ~ Taking a Break ~ Week 19

Written By:  Bobbie

Once in a while you just have to toss all the healthy eating, fitness tracking out the window and just enjoy life, for a short time anyways.  Well, I did this last week.  My daughter left for Navy bootcamp Tuesday morning.  To say I've been a basket case would be an understatement.  But I squeezed out every moment I could out of her, and Saturday night made lasagna (her favorite) for dinner complete with garlic bread, salad, and of course ice cream for dessert.  Sunday was a bit of a scrounge day, but still riding that emotional wreck wave, I was busy eating whatever I could get my hands on.  Monday was crazy busy running around, but Monday night was the last night with her, so we went out to dinner and just enjoyed everything, including dessert.  I ate.  I drank.  I was merry.  Let the chips fall where they may, it was temporary, and worth it.

The Ugly
While out to dinner Monday night, I paid no attention to the calories on the menu, so when it came to dessert, all my brain registed was a Mini Sunday.  I thought oh good, small protion, not too many calories.  What showed up was an big ice cream scoop smothered in whipped cream and chocolate drizzle, inside a deep fried won ton covered in sugar and cinnamon.  The thing had more calories than my main course dinner and my drink combined.  Opps.  At that point, I was too much of an emotional wreck and just enjoyed every bite.

The Bad
I did not bother focusing on getting my daily step goal in.  I was too busy running my daughter everywhere and making sure she had everything she needed for bootcamp.  Some days I hit it, other days I did not.

The Good
I logged all of my food intake every day but Wednesday.  Wednesday was rough for me with my husband at work, and my younger daughter as school.  I gave myself that one day to just be a blubbering mess and missing my daughter.  With Thursday being the start of my weekly log, I'm back on the boat as of today.

Goals for Week
Hit my step goal of 5,500 steps every day this week.  I have to get moving, I need to get in another 2,000 steps before I zonk out tonight.

End Result for Week
Up 0.4 lbs.  I'm suprised it's not higher than that with the way I've been eating!  I'm not complaining though, not at all.

Total Weight Lost
Down 12.0 lbs.  Good slow steady downward trent is still good.

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